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John Oszajca

ANDREW “MUDROCK” MURDOCK  “Great working with these guys. Killer New Hard Rock sound!”

BILLY SHERWOOD “Straight forward AC/DC–like, rock n roll band. I loved working with these guys.”

LA WEEKLY “These guys accomplish everything most hard and heavy bands set out to do, with one major difference, talent.”

As a reviewer once wrote of Cynical Side, “I think I just saw the second coming of a newer, modern day, version of Judas Priest!” While with only a single guitar, the crunch and tone of it, is what makes Cynical Side truly special. A unique combination of both new and old, styles and tones that are ingrained within us, from hard rock, grunge, metal and just good ole classic rock n roll.

Many of our fans and reviews have pointed out and been pleasantly surprised by the refreshing melodies and clear vocal lines on many of the songs on the new album. As one fan recently noted “it’s nice that JC isn’t screaming at me on every song”. And although there’s a fair share for screaming and howling (lol), there’s never the “Cookie Monster” vocals. We love staying more in line with our own heroes like Alice In Chains, STP, Godsmack, AC/DC and Black Sabbath. This new Cynical Side album is testament to both the retro and modern day rock n roll.

JC ‘s lyrics have captured the attention of many. His soulful delivery, shear power and knack for melodies and catchy choruses have some new fans drawing comparisons from Motorhead to Iron Maiden, which makes this an epic album. The kind of album, music and songs that one day people will say, boy, they don’t make music and songs like that anymore.  Because if we know anything at all, we do know how to rock n roll. That’s for sure. And on this new album, you will hear just straight up good, energetic music that you will definitely enjoy listening to, singing along to, over and over again. Play it loud!

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